Weather Control, Aliens, and Synthetic Meat, Oh My!


In their last podcast for the summer, before returning this fall, the MEND podcast team offers more freestyling summer fare to think about while relaxing at the beach.

What if you could control the weather? Daniela Catalan brings a whimsical story of her future job.

What if aliens are with us now (and maybe always have been!)? Anjelica Benitez will unnerve your summer relaxation.

And finally, our newest podcast team member,Victoria Benitez—little in size, big in brains—challenges you to think about this meaty question: Will your burger come from the lab or the farm in the near future?

Podcast mentor Betsy Foldes Meiman adds that this episode is a special one: “This time, the team members took recording equipment home and were entirely in charge of writing and recording their own content. This exercise opens up an exciting chapter for the coming year of further developing their reporting skills.”

Thanks for listening!

The Greatest MEND Podcast: Free Styling Weirdness!


Daniela Catalan hosts this month’s Greatest MEND Podcast (GMP), which finds Laz Meiman talking about those Kooky Romans, Angelica Benitez giving instructions for creating your very own zombie roach cyborg, and Daniela describing a zoo of weird animals. It’s the GMP freestyle! Everybody did a segment on whatever interested them. Very revealing!

Also this month, GMP has some new developments to report. Daniela the tech wiz has added musical scoring to her growing list of podcasting talents. She created two pieces for this month’s podcast. Angie tried on the associate producer hat and put together all the pieces of this month’s puzzle. And GMP welcomes a new member—really new! She’s GMP’s youngest podcaster yet. Welcome second grader extraordinaire, Victoria Benitez!

The Greatest MEND Podcast: Cornerstone Theater Company


“Cornerstone is a modern miracle that has never stopped believing in the power of art.”
– Amy Brenneman, Founding Member

The GMP Podcast team, Angelica Benitez, Daniela Catalan, Johana Jimenez, and Brisa Quintana, bring you a special edition of The Big Question. Today’s episode finds them interviewing Cesar Ortega and Karen Covarubias of Cornerstone Theater Company.

Cornerstone is celebrating a decade of summer residencies throughout California with a “Bridge Tour” connecting all 10 resident communities with one play: California: The Tempest. Next stop, Pacoima! Get to know and love Cornerstone with the pack from Pacoima, the Power Pod Girls…..The Greatest MEND Podcast!

Producer: Betsy Foldes Meiman
Original Music: Laz Meiman

The Greatest MEND Podcast: My Country ‘Tis of Thee


Daniela Catalan hosts for the first time! The GMP Team explores the the struggles of immigrants. First, Brisa Quintana tells us about some of our earliest immigrants, the Pilgrims, with the usual Moments in History twists and flair. Then, in contrast, Angelica Benitez reports in depth on the challenges faced by the La Bestia riders of South and Central America. Johana Jimenez follows it all up with The Big Question: how would you have felt if you were a pilgrim?

Tune in next month for a special interview with Cornerstone Theater Company, who will be performing in Pacoima in January.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Greatest MEND Podcast: Dia de los Muertos

Photo via Wikimedia By User:Leonardob0880 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Just like the honored dead for Dia de los Muertos, the Greatest MEND Podcast was gone but not forgotten! We start a new podcast year with the usual suspects, and we welcome Angelica Benitaz and Daniella Catalan. Angelica jumps right in as the host for the podcast this month, and  fills us in on an unexpected side of Dia de los Muertos, while Daniella paints a picture of her family’s personal celebration. Johana Jimenez is back roaming the halls of MEND with “The Big Question,”  finding out just how much people know about this colorful and dramatic holiday.

Stay tuned for Brisa Quintana, who will be back in next month’s Greatest MEND Podcast with Moments in History!