The MEND Christmas Program

Make A Merry MEND Christmas in 2014!

The holiday season is a time of joy for many, but for some, that joy is tempered by poverty. For many families in the Northeast San Fernando Valley struggling to make ends meet, holiday meals and gift giving are out of reach.

You can help by taking part in the MEND 2014 Christmas Program. Through MEND, you, your family, your business, or your organization are connected with needy families during the season of giving. You can participate in the full adoption program or choose one or more related holiday volunteer opportunities.

Visit the Christmas volunteer sign-up page to see the full list of opportunities and register for one or more!


Christmas volunteer opportunities begin with our Super Saturday Home Visiting days, set for October 25 and November 1, 2014, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. After a brief training session, you will visit applicant families who live in the Northeast San Fernando Valley to assess their needs and determine their eligibility for the Christmas Adoption Program.

To volunteer, call 818-896-0246 or email

After these visits are completed, MEND’s Christmas Program gets started.  You are invited to participate in as many of the following activities as you can.


Adopt a Family for Christmas! You and your group are matched by MEND with your adopted family. MEND requests that you buy a sweatshirt or sweater for each family member, including the parents. For the children, buy one new clothing item and one or two new toys. For the parents, buy a small gift or household item such as a space heater, dishes, or blankets.

Your gift basket should also include enough food for at least one complete Christmas meal for the entire family. Then you will arrange to deliver the gifts and food to the family.

Download the Adoption Program guidelines.


Donate Food. MEND suggest donations of: frozen turkeys, chicken, pork roasts, canned tuna, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables, spaghetti, canned juices, canned soup all kinds, 2 lb bags of pinto beans, 2 lb bags of rice, spaghetti, peanut butter, oatmeal, dry milk, and ground coffee.

Donate Toys/Gifts: NEW and UNWRAPPED toys/gifts (Gift Value of $15 or more) for children ages newborn –14. The toys and gifts we need the most are for children ages 8-14. Toy/Gift Ideas for this age group include: Bead Kits, Jewelry, Skateboards, Remote Control Cars, Sports Equipment (pumped), Legos, Art Supplies, Make-up Kits, Tote Bags, Crafts, Wallets/ Purses, Watches, Small Radios/ CD players, Scarves, and Gloves. Please no toys of violence!

Donations are accepted through December 6. If you would like to schedule a pick-up, please call 818-351-MEND or email

Organize your own drive. One of the most effective ways you can participate in MEND’s holiday donation programs is to organize a drive of your own. Learn more by clicking on the following links.


How about helping in in Santa’s Workshops? Now is the time to sign up for our two workshop days, on November 22 and December 6. You will help set up our Christmas Toy Land, sort toys, and assemble and pack Christmas food boxes to be distributed to families.


Become a Volunteer Driver. Donate your time to pick up items from individuals, businesses or other organizations. Drive a MEND truck or your own vehicle a few hours per day or per week. You can also become an assistant to the driver.

To volunteer, call 818-896-0246 or email