Facts About MEND and Poverty

  1. MEND receives an average of 37,000 client visits per month.
  2. From 2011 to 2015, the total encounters for MEND’s various services grew 27%.
  3. 54% of MEND clients are women and 46% are men.
  4. 75% of MEND clients live on $10,000 or less per year.
  5. 35% of MEND clients have less than a 9th grade education.
  6. 34% of MEND’s clients reside in Pacoima. The rest are from nearby cities such as Sylmar and San Fernando.



  1. The 2014 Census Bureau reported that over 46.7 million Americans live below poverty level. Source
  2. In 2014, the national poverty rate was over 14.8%.
  3. In 2014, the national poverty rate for Latinos was 23.6%.
  4. In 2014, the national poverty rate for African Americans was 26.2%.
  5. In 2014, 15.5 million children, or 21.1%, were at poverty level.
  6. Poverty rates are highest for families headed by single women, especially if they’re African American or Hispanic. In 2014, 30.6% of households headed by single women were poor in the US versus 15.7% of households headed by single men and 6.2% of married-couple households lived in poverty.
  7. In 2014, the poverty rate in Los Angeles County was 14.8%.
  8. The latest Census data reveals that about 19% of Pacoima households are at or below the poverty level.
  9. In 2015, 13% of MEND clients were homeless.


Food & Hunger:

The MEND Foodbank provides food to clients in need

  1. An estimated 1.4 million individuals in Los Angeles County live with food insecurity.
  2.  According to Feeding America, 92% of those 1.4 million individuals most likely qualify for SNAP/CalFresh Benefits based on the income they reported.


Health care:

The MEND Health Center provides dental, medical and eye care to nearly 9,000 uninsured patients.

  1. According to the California Health Care Foundation, a full year after ACA implementation, nearly 11% of Americans in California were still uninsured.
  2. In 2015, 11,000 MEND clients were surveyed and asked to report health coverage; 33% reported not having health insurance
  3. From 2011 to 2015, the number of patients who visited MEND’s Dental Clinic increased by 17.9%.



The MEND Education and Training Center provides clients with job skills that will increase the likelihood for the future employment.

  1. MEND’s Education and Training Center provides tutoring in math, science and reading, sewing, ESL and literacy classes and training in computer skills to members in the community.
  2. From 2011 to 2014, the total enrollment in MEND’s Education and Training Center increased by 11.4%.
  3. Today, receiving a high school degree or even some college education is less likely to protect Americans from poverty than it was two decades ago.



  1. In February 2016, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the national unemployment rate to be 5.0%. Source
  2. In February 2016, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles County was 5.5%.
  3. In 2015, 10,300 MEND clients were asked about employment. 52% of those surveyed reported to be unemployed.