Education and Training Center


MEND’s Education & Training Center (ETC) provides a wide range of classes, tutoring, enrichment programs, and computer training. Annually, the center enrolls an average of 950 adult students.

  • Classes in English as a Second Language (ESL)run in three 14-week sessions a year. Five ESL class levels are offered in the morning and the evening on Tuesday through Thursday and in the morning on Friday.
  • At the end of each session included in the culminating activities are awards and certificates for attendance, leadership, and achievement.
  • MEND also offers a variety of arts classes. Sewing class, offered from Tuesday to Friday, teaches students to operate a sewing machine and to cut, sew and complete a wide range of projects.
  • LEAMOS, a Spanish literacy class, enrolls immigrant adults who do not read or write in their native language. Once these students have mastered literacy fundamentals, they can move on to ESL classes.

Powered By Volunteers

All teachers and tutors in the Education & Training Center are volunteers trained and supported by a professional staff.

Interested in volunteering? Download the Volunteer Opportunities Brochure.

ETC Partners

The Education and Training Center is grateful for the assistance of the following organizations:

  • Centro Latino for Literacy
  • CSUN Applied Linguistics Department
  • El Nido FamilySource Center
  • Goodwill Job Placement Service
  • Humboldt University
  • University of Phoenix
  • UCLA Service Learning
  • Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover a Star Foundation

Computer Lab

  • Building Partnerships for Youth
  • El Nido Family Source Center
  • El Proyecto del Barrio Worksource and Career Center
  • El Pueblo y Salud
  • Positive Practices for After School Programs
  • Talk Tech/ The Users Group Network
  • Worksource- Van Nuys