Soap – A Little Item With a Huge Impact

It is because of this hygienic staple that I am getting on my soapbox this week, but I promise this from point forward that I will keep all soap related puns and metaphors to a minimum.

Admittedly, it is not an item that is often given much consideration in the average person’s day-to-day thoughts. It typically operates as nothing more than a fixture in your shower stall, or nestled beside the shampoo on the ledge of your bathtub. And yet, this little bar of lipids and lye can make a world of difference for our clients at MEND.

This seemingly inconsequential household item is firmly entrenched in our lives since it is used to bathe, to wash our hands, to wash our dishes, to wash our cars, to wash our clothes, to wash our dogs, and so forth. Furthermore, this hygienic ‘tool’ plays a crucial role in combating and preventing illness. Thus, there should be no question that soap is a basic human need, and a crucial part in gaining eventual self-reliance.

Now that vacation season is fully upon us, and many of you might have gone away in celebration of the Fourth of July weekend, we encourage you to bear all of this in mind. Furthermore, we implore you to donate any unused (we may be all for Reduce / Reuse / Recycle here at MEND, but even we have our limits) hotel soaps you happen to have accumulated. This one little bar that so easily fits into your suitcase – or pocket even – holds the potential to make a world of difference.

In conjunction with the shower facilities at MEND, that little item can wield a huge impact. For, it allows our clients to present the best of themselves at a job interview – or equally important occasions. The simple fact of the matter is that with cleanliness comes dignity.

And since the amazing efforts of groups like the Global Soap Project [] are currently focused upon those in need in developing nations, it is up to us to lend a helping hand (or in this case, a bar of soap). So, while this might go against the time-tested adage, it is important to remember that sometimes we need to sweat the small stuff. Ultimately, not forgetting how lasting an impact the minor details can exert, and just how far a bar of soap can go.

By Volunteer Mattie Brehm