Weather Control, Aliens, and Synthetic Meat, Oh My!


In their last podcast for the summer, before returning this fall, the MEND podcast team offers more freestyling summer fare to think about while relaxing at the beach.

What if you could control the weather? Daniela Catalan brings a whimsical story of her future job.

What if aliens are with us now (and maybe always have been!)? Anjelica Benitez will unnerve your summer relaxation.

And finally, our newest podcast team member,Victoria Benitez—little in size, big in brains—challenges you to think about this meaty question: Will your burger come from the lab or the farm in the near future?

Podcast mentor Betsy Foldes Meiman adds that this episode is a special one: “This time, the team members took recording equipment home and were entirely in charge of writing and recording their own content. This exercise opens up an exciting chapter for the coming year of further developing their reporting skills.”

Thanks for listening!