Lynda Winters – Volunteer of the Month

“The Grow Together Program connects MEND clients with one another and helps to develop skills and self-sufficiency” says Lynda Winter, this month’s Volunteer of the Month.

For the past eight months, Lynda has volunteered with MEND’s Grow Together Program focusing mainly on the program’s new initiative, La Colectiva. Initiated by Adam Brooks, the Grow Together Program VISTA, La Colectiva is a group of families who receive supplemental training on market gardening, an extra supply of plants and support in order to sell their produce and market their product. Lynda has designed program materials for the initiative, in particular, La Colectiva graphics and box design. She also lends her skills to data entry, research, mailing assembly and other miscellaneous tasks.

Adam describes Lynda as having a “strong character and loving heart.” Her ability to act as a sounding board and regular contributor to the work of the overall Grow Together Program has earned her respect from MEND staff and volunteers alike.