A real-life tooth fairy

Retired engineer Ronald Scher knows that MEND’s health and dental plans have teeth. In fact, thanks to the group’s free dental program, so does he. “When I arrived at MEND I needed to extract the last dozen of my teeth,” says the 70 year old Pacomia native. “I needed the work and [had] no dental coverage.”

Scher’s family contacted MEND about his situation. At the time, he says, he was in the process of “full mouth extraction” and had no where to turn. MEND referred him to the county for oral surgery, and then he returned to MEND. MEND’s dental volunteers were able to fit him with dentures, and now he has a smile he can be proud of. “These teeth are beautiful,” he says.

A healthy set of teeth or dentures go beyond appearance. They are an important part of overall health. The best part, says Scher, MEND was there when he needed them most. “They are a lifesaver,” he says. “There is not other way to say [it]. MEND is a true blessing.”

By Volunteer Bill Kelley