The Stress Reliever

“The services MEND offers are a stress reliever for me and my wife” says Donato Jimenez, a MEND client.

Donato, emigrated from Mexico to the “land of opportunity” in 1975 in search for a better future. For many years he worked at a hospital as a janitor and in maintenance. He has also worked as a delivery truck driver while also taking on side jobs to augment his income.

In 1998, Donato and his wife took custody of his grandchildren upon learning that their daughter was struggling with drug addiction. With this added financial burden, Donato and his wife turned to MEND for food and clothing services.

Now 82 years old with a wife who has a disability, Donato came back to MEND for help. Donato and his wife currently rent a bedroom for housing and to pay rent, he collects and recycles cans. Through MEND’s Home Visiting Program, Donato and his wife were referred by trained MEND home visit volunteers to receive food and clothing services twice a month – categorizing their need as critical.

“I pick up food for the both of us and I’ll pick her up a pair of pants and a few shirts. It makes me feel good to bring something to her.”

Grateful for the support from MEND, Donato states “MEND changes lives. People have a hard time finding a way to live in this country. Rent is $800, bills pile up, and somehow MEND takes that stress away and helps. They help people like me trying to make ends meet.”