A Christmas to Remember

As Tina Bayardo awaits her turn to register for the 2017 Christmas Basket Program with her toddler in tow, she expresses how grateful she is for MEND’s support during the upcoming holiday season.

“Without this program, my children wouldn’t have a Christmas.”

A former teacher and director of a school, Tina suddenly found herself the sole provider for her family due to an accident that left her husband unable to work.

“My husband is disabled and as a result, I had to quit my job to take care him. They [MEND] give me diapers (which is so expensive) and clothing that I can use for my kids.”

Though it was not the future she envisioned, she embraced her new reality. Tina came to MEND as the behest of a friend who was familiar with MEND’s programs. During the client intake process, Tina was informed of her eligibility to register as a Christmas Basket Program recipient. Through the program she will receive, toys, gifts, blankets, clothing, a large food box and other holiday staple items that will undoubtedly make a merry Christmas for her family.

“I am overjoyed. I can’t explain how much this means to me. It’s a lifesaver. Anyone who comes here benefits,” she continues through tears filled with gratitude.