A Community in MEND

Abraham Alvarez found himself as a single parent of four suddenly when his partner passed away a couple years ago. Living in New York and realizing he needed family support to help care for his children, he decided to move back to the northeast San Fernando Valley.

However, the move did not go as he envisioned. Though he received support from his family, he found the job market challenging and has yet to secure a steady job with adequate pay.

To help make ends meet, he was referred to MEND by a close friend who assured him that the organization would provide the services needed until he got back on his feet.

“When you are a single parent of four kids, any help is necessary. This was music to my ears.”

Shortly after, Abraham became a MEND client utilizing MEND’s clothing center and foodbank as needed.

“MEND’s Clothing Center is a great help because I don’t have to buy clothes and I can save that income for something else – like rent. As you can imagine, with my growing children, constantly buying clothes can be really costly.”

Although the move has been tough, he is grateful for the community he has found both in the San Fernando Valley and in MEND.

In spite of his current circumstances, Abraham is hopeful for the future for the sake of the kids. He credits MEND volunteers and the staff for his high spirits and positive outlook on his new life in Los Angeles.

“This place right here is a blessing. Once I am able, I will give back to the people who helped me get there. I am eternally grateful.”