Head to Toes 2018

MEND’s 18th annual Head to Toes event will take place August 29th, 2018. This back-to-school themed event is hosted for the entire third grade class from Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in Pacoima. This year we’re asking for your support. Make a gift today and with the help of volunteer medical professionals and Disney VoluntEARS, MEND will provide each third-grader a new pair of shoes, new backpack, books, and school supplies, along with vision and dental screenings to start off the school year right!

Your support is important! Help MEND serve 250 students at this event by sponsoring ONE CHILD (or more) today! Your donation of $25 today will give one student (or more) a precious gift  – new school supplies, vision and dental screenings, and the knowledge that you care.

Sponsor 1 child – $25

Sponsor 4 children – $100

Sponsor a classroom- $500

For information or questions regarding this event please email Jackey Arriaga at gro.y1593700851trevo1593700851pdnem1593700851@yekc1593700851aj1593700851.