Clinic Closure FAQ’s

Why did MEND close its clinic?

After years of running deficits, MEND’s Board decided we can no longer sustain the high-cost of operating a free clinic.


Didn’t MEND serve people without health insurance? What will they do now?

There are numerous Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) that are required to provide healthcare services regardless of a person’s ability to pay, as well as other community clinics, within a 5 mile radius of MEND. MEND is making referrals to these clinics and has invited clinic providers to come onsite to meet with patients to ensure a smooth transition.


I was a patient at MEND, what do I do now?

You should have received a letter notifying you of this decision, along with information on other clinics who can serve you. We have also listed several below.


I was a patient at MEND, can I get a copy of my health records?
Yes, you will need to fill out a patient authorization to transfer your records. Please call (818) 897-2443 to request this form.


Does this mean MEND is going out of business?

Not at all! MEND is committed to serving the community and wants to make the best use possible of its resources. We will continue to focus on providing services to meet the immediate needs of the people we serve (food, clothing, and referral services) as well as more intensive services designed to help them thrive (Work Experience, Family Support Program and Pathways to Wellness). We are also considering all options for the use of the clinic space to benefit the people we serve.

Is the clinic space available to lease?

MEND is open to leasing the clinic space to nonprofit licensed clinic providers, or other nonprofit orgs. To inquire further, contact MEND at gro.y1603499309trevo1603499309pdnem1603499309@ofni1603499309 with subject line, “Leasing Space.”

Here are some neighborhood clinics where you can receive services. We encourage you to reach out to them or any clinic of your choosing. This list is provided as a service to you. It is not meant as a recommendation from MEND of any clinic listed.

  • San Fernando Community Health Center; 732 Mott St suite 100-110, San Fernando, CA 91340 | (818) 963-5690 (includes Dental)
  • Northeast Valley Health Corporation, 1600 San Fernando Road San Fernando, CA 91340 | (818) 365-8086 (includes Dental)
  • Northeast Valley Health Corporation, Pacoima Health Center, 12756 Van Nuys Boulevard Pacoima, CA 91331 | (818) 896-0531
  • Northeast Valley Health Corporation, Pacoima Women’s Health Center, 12759 Van Nuys Boulevard Pacoima, CA 91331 | (818) 485-8250
  • Valley Community Healthcare, 9119 Haskell Avenue, North Hills, CA 91343 | 818-301-6399
  • El Proyecto del Barrio; 8902 Woodman Ave, Arleta, CA 91331 | (818) 830-7133
  • Serra Medical Group; 9375 San Fernando Rd, Sun Valley, CA 91352 | (818) 768-3000