In 2021 your kind support meant almost 300,000 of the most vulnerable people in our community did not go hungry. Because of your help, thousands of vulnerable families, seniors and so many who are homeless, had a reason to be grateful for good people like you.

 We are thankful for the generosity of our MEND Heroes.

Join our community of MEND Heroes to help ensure that struggling people in our community receive the help and hope they need, when they need it.

  • Your $25 MONTHLY GIFT can give one family a food box twice a month.
  • A $50 MONTHLY GIFT will provide one family a food box each week.

Become a MEND Hero today by selecting 'Become a MEND Hero' at the link below or by contacting MEND's Chief Financial Officer, Scott Mikels at (818) 686-7353.

Because of YOU...


Despite the negative impacts of COVID-19, Nancy and her family, continue to strive and show resilience thanks to MEND’s Family Support Program. When food became an urgent need because of loss of income, Nancy picked up food for her from MEND every week. And through it all, she has remained thankful for all the support which has helped her stay hopeful and on track with her goals.