Volunteer News

What does MEND mean to me?

ESL tutor volunteer and MEND Program Board member, Jessica Edmond, was recently asked what MEND means to her. Here is...

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Recipe for Weight Loss

There are very few of us who aren’t familiar with the so-called “battle of the bulge.” Imagine compounding those weight-loss...

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A New Beginning

Chances are that if you have visited MEND’s Center, you have seen Vicente Rendon catering to clients’ needs. When he...

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ESL Volunteer Teaches Study Skills

Daniel Jordan with students

One student had a novel motivation to learn English. Her future daughter-in-law didn’t speak Spanish, and she wanted to make...

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MEND – A little piece of the puzzle

Osmara del Cid

At 45 years old, Osmara Del Cid is still determined to fulfill her professional goal of working in the medical...

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