Community Nourishment Programs

Community Nourishment Programs

MEND’s Community Nourishment Programs (CNP) feed hundreds of thousands of food-insecure people per year through a Food Pantry (direct distribution), Food Bank (distribution to partners), Buen Provecho farmers market (self-selection of fresh fruit/vegetables) and Little Health Market (food options for people with chronic health conditions). In 2022, this combination of food services put 3.2 million lbs. of food in the hands & homes of poor Angelenos, translating to 2.6 million nutritious meals. Those using our food services are low-income families with children, indigent seniors and people who are homeless.

Because of the extra stresses the pandemic has put on vulnerable people in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, the number of people seeking crisis supports, including food services, has doubled and at times quadrupled. Underemployment and rising prices are to blame; adding to the challenges of people who are already struggling. To give you a sense of who we serve: In a survey in 2021, 40% of our clients shared that without MEND’s food services they would either go without food or would not know what to do.

This is unacceptable – and we believe that you agree.

MEND’s CNP thus strives to reach as many people as possible who need food throughout the San Fernando Valley and beyond, by partnering with dozens of faith- and community-based food pantries.

Food Donation

2.6 Million

Healthy Meals



Pounds of food



People Benefited

Join us for the upcoming Buen Provecho Farmers Market on

May 19 from 9am-12pm!


Emergency Food Pantry

Direct distribution of food to everyone in need.

Tuesdays & Fridays, every 1st Saturday of the month.

Frequency: Weekly, based on need.

Target Population

Individuals and families who are homeless, in transitional housing, at-risk of homelessness.

Food Bank

Distribution to satellite faith- and community-based food pantries across Los Angeles.

Service Days: Wednsdays - Fridays and every 1st Saturday of the month.

Target Population

Community & faith-based food pantries serving vulnerable and low-income people throughout the Valley.

To become a partner, contact April Cerrato at

Buen Provecho

Access to fresh fruits and vegetables through a “farmers market” model. The goal is to offer individuals and families more choices.

Frequency: Once a month.

Target Population

Individuals and families who are homeless, in transitional housing, at-risk of homelessness or financially vulnerable.

Little Health Market

Managed under Here We Thrive, the Little Health Market provides food options for those enrolled in Pathways to Wellness to encourage consumption of healthy grains, nuts, oils, and low sodium foods.

Eligibility through Pathways to Wellness.