Here We Thrive consolidates MEND’s burgeoning intensive case-management services and is our most exciting intervention in the lives of those we serve. Here We Thrive is staffed with professionals willing and able to support participants through a process of uncovering and overcoming their (in many cases, long-term) challenges.

The previous iteration of these services, while appreciated by participants, did not deliver the tangible changes we desired. After a careful analysis, the failing we uncovered could be summarized as lack of full integration in services. Each service was dispersed from the other and operated in silos. Because MEND’s strategic plan makes a commitment to increasing participant independence and resilience, giving these services a second look and re-thinking how we deliver them for maximum impact, was important.

The program targets those MEND clients who live below the poverty line, with low levels of academic attainment, and with a desire to change their circumstances. Through Here we Thrive, our existing services are modified, integrated and enhanced with the addition of employment services.

  • Pathways to Wellness focuses on chronic health conditions that limit a person’s maximum functioning, with a goal by developing habits that lead a healthier lifestyle and passing those habits on to their children.
  • Connections: Resource Coordination focuses on supportive services, resources coordination, goal setting and achievement in selected domains. 
  • Gateways: Employment Services includes transitional work experience for participants placed at MEND through external paid work experience programs, job readiness, placement, and retention support services.