A Letter from Janet, President & CEO

November 10, 2023

IT’S SOMETHING NONE OF US CAN IGNORE. More people than ever in Los Angeles are homeless or living in crisis. Many are struggling with substance abuse and mental illness, which in too many cases are the twin precipitating reasons for the set of circumstances that lead to loss of employment, home, family, and finally homelessness. The weight and impact of living on the street are significant, and each month…or year spent unhoused makes recovery and rehabilitation harder, but not impossible, as you will see with Anthony’s journey. At MEND, our First Step services, generously funded by your kindness, offer care and support….the first step if you will…. just when it’s needed most. Those who are ready to address the issues that have kept them homeless, can find help at MEND in collaboration with other agencies in the community.

I know the challenge can sometimes seem too big but I can say that your support makes a world of difference to someone who is homeless. While we may not be able to end the crisis, your help means that anyone who needs MEND’s support will receive it. Offering a kind word, a hot meal, support to find accommodation and hope…. that’s what you and MEND do.

A man who is homeless recently shared: "I know that there’s a better life, but when you’re living on the streets… it’s an impossible dream."

We hope that Anthony’s story will show you how that "impossible dream" can be replaced with hope and a second chance by kind people like you.