HELPING our seniors through tough times

November 9, 2022


Rafael and his wife, Elisa, are both seniors who survived the past two years relying on fixed income (SSI) and savings after losing their personal business in 2020. Initially, they expected the pandemic to resolve quickly and things to return to normal in a few months. But as we all know the economic challenges lasted two years.

At some point, their savings running out, and the couple made a difficult decision to stop paying their rent.

“We felt embarrassed…we’ve never done something like this,” Rafael shared.

Recently, MEND was able to successfully help them qualify for funds to pay off the enormous debt they had built up over time. What a relief!

The other day, Rafael and his lovely wife stopped by MEND to drop off a Thank You card.

You could see the emotion on their faces as they said: “Thank you for your help, we are very grateful.”