Juan's Childhood Memories of MEND Are All Filled With Thanks For You

July 5, 2023

IT FEELS LIKE as soon as you meet Juan, he is your best friend! His gregarious personality during a recent visit at MEND is how we learned he was once a MEND client.

He shared that his family immigrated into the community in the 1980s. At first, life was good – at least to the extent that an 8-yearold could discern. But soon it became apparent that the family of 5 was struggling. Things became so bad they could barely afford the rent to their small 1-bedroom apartment. They began to live in fear of their landlord who was threatening them. It was a tough time for the family.

But one day, your kindness made all the difference.

At a local community fair, they stumbled upon MEND’s booth and learned for the first time that help was available to them. They didn’t need to go to bed hungry. Juan recalls with a smile how nice it was to come to MEND with his mom to pick up a bag of food each week.

“I (was) so excited to get a juice cup from the volunteers,” He recalls.

And the good fortune continued. Juan’s father found a steady job and in time was able to save enough to move the family into a home and no longer need MEND’s crisis services.

Juan’s childhood memories of MEND are all filled with thanks.

MEND was their harbor during a desperate time. Today, Juan is a successful young man working as a recruiter for a local organization. His example makes us all so proud! We hope that you feel the same.