Karla's Story

March 24, 2021


Karla spent most of 2020 worrying about finances. But because of your support she and her family received the help they needed during the toughest times. “I have no idea what I would have done if MEND did not exist.”

Like so many of the families you helped in 2020, Karla was often unsure if they would make it. She shares: “My husband lost his job and we struggled with rent and food.” She adds: “I go once a week to pick up food from MEND, every Friday. They even give me diapers. And I also receive extras that help, like cleaning supplies to help me disinfect the house.”

But, 2020 was not all bad for Karla’s family. They welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Jesus, during the pandemic.

The small family tries to take things day-by-day, and Karla confesses that the stress sometimes keeps her up at night. But despite the difficulties she tries to pay your generosity forward by preparing meals from the food she receives from MEND for her 92 year old neighbor so that he does not go without a home cooked meal.

Karla shares, “I see so many people in need living on the streets, or like my neighbor who cannot leave his house right now. At least we have a roof over our heads. It feels good to help others. I am so grateful for MEND and the people who support MEND. They are helping people like me and my family.”