Letter from Janet

November 23, 2020


WHAT AN HONOR it is to report to you that as a direct result of your incredible support, more than 100,000 of our neighbors have received the help they desperately needed since the start of the pandemic. You have put over 1.4 million pounds of good food in the hands of vulnerable families, and homeless men and women. And you have enabled our teams to go out and meet with our most at-risk clients every week, to see how they are doing…. and to learn how we could help.

Recently we caught up with Amelia and Elizabeth, the mother and daughter we introduced to you two years ago. At that time, they were struggling to make ends meet – often foraging in dumpsters to find food to eat.

You rescued them with your generosity and caring heart.

They are still employed – selling flowers at a San Fernando Valley street corner. And on this hot, sweltering afternoon, they shared how grateful they are for people like you.

Like so many people, they are also struggling with isolation, loneliness and anxiety. In fact, they are so fearful that they have avoided coming to MEND to pick up food. So we have scheduled regular check-ins to drop off food at the small space they call home. Mental health has become such a pressing issue for our community that MEND will begin sending out outreach workers into the community in the coming days to share wellness resources.

Every day at MEND, we see the impact you’re having in the lives of men, women, and families who are alone and struggling to survive. Thank you for standing strong with them. They depend on your support and you are truly doing a good thing.