MEND Employee Holiday Benefits

January 16, 2024

Holiday Benefits
MEND will observe the following holidays listed below. All regular employees will receive holiday benefits for the following holidays, subject to the restrictions described below:

  • Good Friday
  • Thanksgiving Day and Day after Thanksgiving
  • End of year holiday shutdown (approx. Christmas Eve – New Year’s Day)-Must have competed introductory period to be eligible
  • 2 Personal days per calendar year- Must have completed introductory period to be eligible

In order to be eligible for holiday benefits, you must work your last scheduled workday before and your first scheduled workday after the holiday unless you were ill or injured as certified by a doctor.
If you do not work on a holiday, you will receive your regular, straight time rate of pay for that day.
If a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, it will be observed on the following Monday.
If a holiday falls during your vacation period, you will be paid for the holiday and will not be charged with a vacation day.
Holidays that are paid but not worked are not considered as time worked in the computation of overtime.
Employees on an unpaid leave of absence for any reason are ineligible for holiday benefits for holidays observed during the period they are on leave of absence.
Eligible employees will receive 2 personal days in each calendar year tied to employee’s birthday and work anniversary. Personal days are to be taken as a full working day and not used as partial days. These days have to be taken 7 calendar days before or after the occurrence of the event or employees will lose them. Additionally, these personal days will not carry over to the following year, be accrued into vacation, or be paid out at termination of employment. Personal days must be scheduled with prior approval of the employee’s supervisor.
Temporary employees are not eligible for any holidays listed above.