Maria's story

November 11, 2022


THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS behind in unpaid rent, Maria was in danger of eviction and homelessness when she came to MEND. She needed help. And what we learned when she finally opened up was heartbreaking. About a year ago, Maria’s life was very different. She’d survived a car accident and been compensated $10,000 in insurance funds. She felt optimistic. Things were looking up. Yet here she was some months later in a desperate state.
“I used all of the money to pay a ransom for my mother and sister who’d been kidnapped in Mexico,” she shared. Seeking her family’s release in Mexico was a priority. They were all she had. We understood. But she was soon to find out that it was too late. Her mother and sister had already lost their lives. Worse, her young nephews were now orphans. Without hesitation, Maria took them in. Our staff worked quickly to respond to her immediate needs. We qualified her for rental assistance to wipe her debt clean, and enrolled her in MEND’s food services. Our urgent goal now is to help her deal with some of the considerable burden caused by this terrible tragedy. In the next months, we hope to introduce Maria to Here We Thrive so that she can work one-on-one with a professional to find a long-term and sustainable solution to the challenges she is facing. Maria is a strong woman, and we have no doubt that she’ll come through this trauma in the end. And when she’s ready, because of your help, she’ll find a listening ear and the support she needs to overcome.