Raul's New Shoes

November 10, 2023


RAUL, A RETIRED GARDENER in his late 60s, came to MEND in February of this year, after his doctor diagnosed him with prediabetes and hypertension. He was desperate to get healthier but was not sure where to begin. As a first step, MEND registered Raul to receive good & nutritious food to support his health. Next, Pathways to Wellness staff approached him to participate in health workshops, shopping demonstrations, and a walking group, among other activities. The latter was particularly hard for him but he persisted and began to see results. With a healthier diet and increased physical activity, Raul’s weight started to drop and his hemoglobin A1C—the diabetes blood sugar marker - followed. By July he was no longer in the prediabetes range!

Excited at the achievement, Raul was encouraged to maintain his health. But to keep up with the walking group he loved, he needed better shoes. His current pair was too worn out to provide good support – it left his feet uncomfortable and sore. Raul shared his need with staff and confided that he did not have the money to replace the shoes. MEND assessed Raul’s situation and purchased a pair of quality walking shoes—durable, comfortable, and the right fit. Recently, Raul came in to pick up his new shoes. The delight on his face was undeniable as he showed off the shoes to anyone who would stop and listen.

Raul is one of 351 people who have enrolled in Pathways to Wellness this year to work on the chronic health issues that keep them from thriving. Learning to prevent or control diabetes, hypertension, or obesity has far reaching implications for both the participant, their children & family, and ability to work. Thank you for your care for others which helps people who may have lost faith in achieving better health, work towards goals that improve their capacity to thrive.