Roselia's Story

November 21, 2022


Roselia cannot believe her providence. At her lowest point she found help. Over and over in our conversation she kept bringing up the extraordinary patience and kindness extended to her at MEND during a time of incredible need. Roselia is unable to read, write or speak English. But, as she shared with us, she felt understood. She was amazed.

"Me ayudaste mucho con mucha paciencia y te agradezco mucho y te bendigo - God bless you" She says.

Roselia lives with 2 unrelated families, a situation that she has learned to accept. Sadly, the pandemic dealt her such a blow, it set her back many years. She lost her job, and because she wasn't able to find another one, she drained all of her meager savings.

It was a very hard time.

One day, someone encouraged her to come to MEND for food, and she did just that. It was a god-send. Every week she's faithfully in line to receive the food she needs.

Now Roselia is working with MEND staff to explore all avenues to resolve her other enormous challenges - finding another job, paying off debt - and together they are making headway.

Thank you for your kind help- it gives hope to vulnerable people in the San Fernando Valley who are often hidden from view.