An Advocate for the Homeless

Penelope McMillan has been a volunteer at MEND for 9 months. In such short amount of time, she has made an immense impact in our community. As a retired teacher and news reporter, Penelope has made it her goal to serve the homeless as humbly as she can. Here at MEND, she volunteers in our intake department on our homeless outreach day. During this time, she assists clients in receiving the proper services they need in the most caring way she can.  She has a kind soul that is passionate for helping the homeless and her compassion leads her to listen to clients’ problems with attentiveness and care.

When she’s not volunteering at our center, she tends to MEND’s garden plot at the Sylmar Community Garden and she makes sure to promote our agency to the homeless committee at the Sylmar Neighborhood Council. Penelope is a wonderful advocate for those who are less fortunate and her work here at MEND does not go unnoticed. It is because of volunteers like her that our clients’ needs are always met with dignity.