Trainee becomes the Trainer

As an on-the-job trainee, Sandra Vidaurri came to MEND’s medical clinic to gain work experience. She began helping with medical and vision charts and as her knowledge of the medical clinic grew, the medical staff felt comfortable adding more responsibilities to her workload. She was moved to “back office” which involves taking patients’ vitals, assisting the MD’s, keeping track of the medical clinic inventory, making sure all tools are up to date and that patients’ labs are picked up. Even then, Sandra continued to go above and beyond and was then rotated to take on the appointment system task.

Sandra has excelled in the medical clinic duties and is now also responsible for training other medical assistants on the different tasks she’s already mastered. Sandra is described as responsible, honest, and hard-working. The medical staff praises her trustworthiness and work ethic.

The skills she’s gained at MEND’s medical clinic and her work ethic have allowed her to gain part-time employment at a medical clinic. She’s also decided to go back to school and pursue a career as a registered nurse. With Sandra’s commitment and dedication, we have no doubt that she will achieve her goal.