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YOUR SUPPORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO MEND! Because of our emphasis on involving the larger community in helping our neighbors in need, MEND does not receive government contracts to operate our services. Instead, we depend on gifts from foundations, businesses, and individuals like YOU! And, our commitment to low overhead means that you can be assured that more than 94% of MEND`s revenue goes directly to helping the people who need it the most. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Poor children and their families need your support.
Please respond generously today!


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     $25.00    - Provides warm jackets and pants for two people
      $50.00    - Provides necessary supplies to give a child a teeth cleaning
    $100.00   - Provides a nutritious food box to feed a family of four
    $250.00   - Pays for the cost of running the computer lab for one week
    $500.00   - Provides vital insulin shots and medication for a diabetic patient
 $1,000.00   - Strengthens MEND's comprehensive approach to poverty-relief!
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